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This tribe is all about placing your order for what you really want in life...

It is a 21-Step process, as follows:

1. Accept the premise that "All is ONE in the Universal Mind."
2. Be willing to say to yourself: "I am an individualized expression of the Universal Mind."
3. Understand that: The Objective Mind has *limited* power.
4. Also understand that: The Subjective Mind has *unlimited* power.
5. Begin your order by deciding very carefully what it is you want. All subsequent steps are useless unless you know what you want to order.
6. Once you know what it is you want, picture very clearly in your mind what it is you are ordering.
7. Don't make your mind up too quickly! The image can be improved upon in more detail.
8. Imagine your order as having already been delivered to you.
9. In addition to writing your order down, speak it audibly as well, directing your speaking to your own solar plexus as though you were speaking to another person with sincerity.
10. Use terms such as: "It is my desire..."I know you have the power..." and "You are attracting my desire to me right now..."
11. Avoid telling the Universal Mind *how* to fill your order.
12. KISS: Keep it super simple!
13. Keep faith! Never lose your vision!
14. The clearer and simpler your order, the sooner it will be delivered.
15. Do *not* limit the subjective mind to produce a result in *time*...
16. Remember: Universal Mind takes care of the details!
17. Have *no* doubt! See it as already done!
18. The quality of your result depends entirely on the quality of your attitude and focus.
19. Meditate daily (primarily in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you go to bed).
20. Be persistent and passionate in reviewing and refining your vision.
21. Act as though what you have ordered is already here!

CAVEAT: Relationship is a "special case" at the Universal Order Desk.

If your "order" involves obtaining the affection of another human being, beware! Just ask yourself: "Would I appreciate it if someone I'm not interested in ordered me to be with them?"
Enough said.
You can make an invitation, but be aware that implicit in an invitation is also the freedom to decline; otherwise, it's not an invitation at all, but rather an obligation... which few people are willing to suffer.
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